YHLO – GLINE-2019-nCOV AG rapid original test stick (1 pack)


The YHLO Gline-2019-NCOV AG rapid original test stick has obtained the EU CE certification, and the test result can be obtained in only 15 minutes. It is suitable for people who have been to high-risk areas, asymptomatic people who are afraid or suspected of infection, and daily self-examination.

– Can detect “Omicron” and “Delta variant” viruses
– Get rapid antigen test results in just 15 minutes
– Clinically validated sensitivity 96.38%, specificity 99.56%
– Simple operation, using nasal swab samples
– EU CE certification
– Made in China

Effective date:

July 2023

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Each serving kit includes:

1 sample buffer bottle

1 Instructions for Use

1 compact bag

1 sampling stick

1 detection device


  1. Properly sanitize hands before sampling
  2. Put the sampling rod into the nasal cavity on both sides (about 2.5cm deep) and rotate it for at least 5 times
  3. Put the sampling stick into the small gel bottle containing the reagent and stir for at least 15 seconds
  4. Close the cap of the small plastic bottle
  5. Drop 3 drops of reagent into the oval position of the detection device
  6. Wait about 15 minutes
  7. Complete and display positive/negative results (as per reference instructions)


– The above products are only suitable for preliminary screening, and the test results should be combined with other clinical symptoms for diagnosis

– If you have any doubts about the test results, you should seek professional advice from your doctor immediately. If you suspect infection, feel unwell or have any symptoms; such as fever, cough, runny nose and sore throat, etc., you should also seek medical attention immediately for proper diagnosis

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